Land + Water

14 March – 18 March 2016

Verdon-Smith Room, Royal Fort House, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bristol

Into the Mud’ (21 June 2015) was an outdoor workshop on the banks of the River Severn organised by Marianna Dudley, from the University of Bristol’s Department of Historical Studies as part of a collaboration between ‘The Power and the Water’ and ‘Towards Hydrocitizenship’ projects, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities Festival. I was invited to run the workshop ‘Into the Mud’, which allowed participants to get their hands dirty and engage creatively with the river mud.

The workshop aimed to get people thinking about the connections between the city and its rivers; water use and daily life; mud as a valued feature of the river; and liminal, tidal zones as repositories of historical artefacts and places to think about water and land.

This exhibition highlights the intersection between my work as a ceramicist and the ‘The Power and the Water’ and ‘Towards Hydrocitizenship’ projects.